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The Thomasburg Spring provided fresh, cool water for generations of thirsty travellers and their horses. In 1821, Thomas Clare, a survey chain-bearer, drank from the spring, recognized its value and returned in 1830 to settle here. Thomasburg (named for three pioneers, Thomas Clare, Thomas Graham and Thomas Nichol) became a thriving community, which by the 1870s had two general stores, four churches, a school, Orange Hall, cheese factory, tannery, blacksmith, and several other businesses. The spring evolved into a well and reservoir for fighting fires. For over a hundred years people came here from miles around for their drinking water.

  • Erected June 23, 2018 by the Hastings County Historical Society

GPS location: 44º 23'31.88" N 77º 20'52.13" W

Located in a small parkette on Clare Street in Thomasburg

Thomasburg spring plaque unveiling

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