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Born in England, Mrs. Moodie immigrated to Upper Canada with her husband in 1832. They farmed near Cobourg for two years and then moved to the wooded Rice Lake area near the frontier of the colony before settling in the more urban environment of Belleville in 1840. Member of a noted literary family, she became a leading author of the pre-Confederation period and her poems and short stories appeared in journals in Canada and England. Her two autobiographical books, Roughing it in the Bush (1852) and Life in the Clearings (1853), have become Canadian classics.

Native d'Angleterre, Susanna Moodie emigra au Haut-Canada avec son mari en 1832. Pendant deux ans, le couple exploita une ferme pros de Cobourg, puis d'managea dans la region boisie de Rice Lake, aux confins de la colonization. Il s'install enfin dans l'environnement plus urbain de Belleville en 1840. Issue d'une famille de lettres, Susanna devint l'une de principals figures de la litterature d'avant la Confederation. Ses poems et nouvelles parurent dans des revues canadiennes et britanniques. Ses deux autobiographics, Roughing it in the Bush (1852) et Life in the Clearings (1853) sont des classiques canadiens.

- Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

GPS co-ordinates: 44° 09' 53.26" N 77° 23' 40.15" W (44.16472222 77.3944444)

Street location: 114 Sinclair Street, Belleville

Information Last Updated: Friday June 19, 2020