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The steep sides of this narrow river valley provided excellent opportunities for damming the Salmon River. James Lazier built a woollen mill, flour mill and lumber mill in the 1840s at Lazier's Mills, now Lonsdale. Stores and shops were quickly established attending to the needs of the surrounding farming community. Two churches cared for the spiritual concerns while a school provided valued education. Lonsdale contributed significantly to the development of Tyendinaga Township. Limestone from the riverbed and its sides ensured well-built, long-lasting structures that grace this picturesque community.

- Hastings County Historical Society

GPS co-ordinates: 44º 16' 25.28" N 77º 07' 32.80" W

Street location: Marysville Road south of Melrose Road

Pony Truss Bridges

billa bird

One-lane pony truss bridges were once common on rural roads in Ontario. They were cheap and easy to build with an iron truss structure. "Pony truss" means the bridge was open at the top without cross members. As these bridges wear out they are replaced with modern concrete bridges, so they are becoming increasingly rare. However, Lonsdale is still blessed with two pony truss bridges, as the road crosses an island in the Salmon River. At the right side of the photo a portion of an old mill is visible; it is now used as a private residence. There are two mill sites at this location. Lonsdale is pretty at any time of the year but especially so in lilac season.

Lonsdale bridges

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