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The Grand Trunk was incorporated in 1853 to run from Sarnia to Portland, Maine. Although it took over existing lines, new ones had to be built, including sections of the key Toronto to Montreal line completed by the noted English engineering firm of Pat, Brassey, Jackson and Bette in 1856. The Belleville station, built about 1856, is representative of the larger stations erected by this firm for the Grant Trunk Railway. Although its design was influenced by English railway stations, it is an enduring monument to early Canadian railway enterprise.

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  • Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada

GPS co-ordinates: 44° 10' 45.78" N 77° 22' 29.02" W (44.17916667 - 77.37472222)

Street address: 250 Station Street

Note: Because a luggage wagon appears to be locked in place permanently in front of the plaque, a straight-on photo of the plaque was not possible. If the wagon is moved, we'll try again.

The Grand Trunk Railway has become Canadian National. The old station in the picture, built in 1856, still stands but a functioning modern station has been built just to the east.

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