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A Huron by birth, a Mohawk by adoption, founder of the Five Nations (the Iroquois Confederacy), was born near here, some time during the early fifteenth century. He devoted his life to the cause of international peace. At Onondaga he planted the Tree of Peace, which he hoped would one day give shelter to all mankind. He gave his people the Great Peace-law which unites them to this day.

"Our strength shall be in union, and our way the way of reason, righteousness, and peace."

"I am Deganawidah and with the Five Nations' confederate lords I plant the Tree of the Great Peace. Roots have spread out from the Tree of the Great Peace and the name of these roots is the Great White Roots of Peace. If any man or any nation outside of the Five Nations shall show a desire to obey the laws of the Great Peace...they may trace the roots to their source - and they shall be welcomed to take shelter beneath the Tree."

Erected by Akwesasne Mohawk Counselor Organization, St. Regis Reservation

Two monuments are erected outside the Mohawk Community Centre on the Tyendinaga Territory near Deseronto.

GPS co-ordinates: 44º 11' 14.54" N 77º 07' 31.24" W (44.18722222, 77.12527778)

Street Address: 1807 York Road, Deseronto

Tyendinaga is an independent community as part of the Mohawk nation. There are two monuments at this location. Onondaga is located in New York State, south of Lake Ontario. Onondaga was the central member of the Five Nation Confederacy - Mohawk and Oneida to the east and Cayuga and Seneca to the west.

A second monument has been planted at the same location by the Mohawk Agricultural Society.


In recognition of past & present society members of volunteered to serve our community. Celebrating 100 years, September 2000.

Portrayed on the monument are the traditional "three sisters" of Mohawk plantings: beans and corn and squash planted together in hills.

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