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The name of the hamlet of Corbyville recognizes the Corby family's considerable legacy in Hastings County. Henry Corby "baker, grain merchant, miller" began distilling whisky in 1859. Politically active, he served as mayor of Belleville 1867-1868 and MPP from 1867-1875. Henry Corby Jr. directed the successful expansion of the business after 1881. As MP he represented Hastings West 1888-1901 and was appointed to the Senate in 1912. He died in 1917. The company assets were sold by 1905; after several ownerships the distillery closed in 1989. Corby's employed generations of workers in its 130-year history.

GPS location: 44º 13' 07.56" N 77º 23' 12.86 W 86 River Road, Corbyville (Belleville) ON

Further information: The only remaining building on the Corby Distillery property has been converted by Richard Cournoyer into Signal Brewery which specializes in producing a range of distinctive beers.

Information Last Updated: Friday June 19, 2020