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Plaque Text:

Henry Corby, the founder of H. Corby Distillery Limited, came to Belleville from England in 1832.

Throughtout his life he actively promoted this growing municipality, and was, in the Confederation Year 1867, the mayor of Belleville.

The following year he was a member of the first Ontario legislature to sit following Confederation.

His son, Henry (Harry) Corby, expanded the family business, and participated in numerous activities benefiting Belleville and the community at large.

These included:

  • Donation of Corby Public Library.

  • Donation of public baths and pavilion at Victoria Park.

  • Development of Pleasure Park at Massassaga Point.

  • Establishment of Corby Charitable Fund for the Women's Christian Organization.

  • Promotion of the original bridge across the Bay of Quinte.

  • Donation of Corby Park.

Henry Corby, Jr. Was appointed a Senator in 1888 in recognition of his role in Canadian life, typified by this centennial park.

Further information (reverse side): Corby Park was donated to the City of Belleville by the Corby Family. Renovated by the City of Belleville and H. Corby Distillery Limited and re-opened as part of the Canadian Centennial Year on the 28th of June, 1967.

GPS Co-ordinates: 44 09' 58.12" N 77 22' 37.05" W (44.16611111, -77.37694444)

Street Address: Between William and Ann Streets, East Hill, Belleville

Information Last Updated: Sunday September 6, 2020