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The railway line on Pinnacle Street was part of the Grand Junction Railway which ran from Belleville to Peterborough. Wood-burning locomotives of “Belleville’s Own” railway link transported passengers, lumber and produce from the Grand Trunk station, southwestward along Great St. James Street and down Pinnacle Street to Belleville Harbour. The first freight train ran in June 1877 and the former Pinnacle Street Methodist Church served as the passenger station. By the 1950s and 1960s, slow-moving downtown trains and flagmen were impeding the growing automobile traffic. In June 1964, during Railway Week festivities, the final train travelled Pinnacle Street and soon after the tracks were lifted.

GPS Location: 44° 09’51.24” 77° 22’57.94” W

The plaque is fixed to the front wall of the Belleville Club, 210 Pinnacle Street, the white building in the background.
Erected 2017.

Photo: The Pinnacle Street railway was originally the Grand Junction Railway that operated from Belleville to Peterborough. The railway was closed in 1964.

Train on Pinnacle Street

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