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Point Anne United Church was built in 1925 when the United Church of Canada was formed from a union of Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches. It was a handsome, solid church built of brown cement blocks (what else would you expect in a cement town?) with a large square bell tower centred on the front on the building.

With the closing of the Canada Cement Lafarge company in 1973, church families drifted away, looking for work elsewhere. The church closed its doors in 1978 and was demolished in 1990. The only cement blocks left taken from the original building to create the memorial that stands on the site of the church.

Text of the memorial plaque:

This cairn commemorates the site of the Point Anne United Church 1925-1990 and is in memory of the people in this community who served the Lord faithfully for 65 years.

On the reverse is embedded the church cornerstone:

United Church
Point Anne

GPS co-ordinates: 44° 09' 35.98" N -77° 17' 23.18" W (44.15972222, 77.28972222)

Street address: Follow County Road 17 east from main intersection in centre of village.

On Google Earth, the outline of the church foundation behind the monument is quite visible.

(Background notes from Point Anne: History of a Cement Factory Village, by Vern Whalen, a publication of the Hastings County Historical Society.)

Information Last Updated: Friday June 19, 2020