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This is a section of I-beam recovered from the ruins of the World Trade Centre. It serves as a memorial for those who lost their lives during the events of September 11th, 2001, and the continued impact the event has had on the world. Of the 2,977 victims, 343 were responding firefighters. In 2015, applications were submitted by communities around the world to acquire pieces of the World Trade Centre to establish memorials. Belleville was one of the first cities in Canada to be gifted a piece.

GPS Co-ordinates: 44º 10' 42.67" N 77º 22' 26.50" W (44.17833333, 77.37388889)

Street Address: Bettes Street at Station Street

Belleville's section is on display in No. 1 Firehall at Bettes and Station streets, across from the railway station. The huge section is visible from the street even when the building is closed to the public. Other historical artifacts are also on display throughout the building.


Information Last Updated: Friday June 19, 2020