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A commanding figure in Canadian Methodism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Carman was born in Iroquois and educated at Victoria College, Cobourg. He worked briefly as a teacher and was then appointed principal of the Belleville Seminary, later Albert College, in 1858. A masterful administrator and, after entering the Methodist Episcopal ministry, a militant advocate for Methodist education, Carman spearheaded the successful development of this Methodist school during his 17-year term there. Following his election as a Bishop in 1874, he gained increasing prominence in church affairs, particularly as an ardent supporter of union among the Methodist denominations. When union was achieved in 1884, Carman became a General Superintendent of the Methodist Church, a post he held until his retirement in 1914.

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GPS Co-ordinates: 44º 10' 08.25" N 77º 22' 59.15" W (44.16888889, -77.38305556)

Street Address: 305 Church Street, in front of water tower

See also: Albert College

Historical note: The parking lot in front of the water tower is the site of Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church, built in 1879. In 1883 it was the location of the uniting General Conference which brought all of Canada's Methodist into one church, a goal of the Rev. Carman. The magnificent church with twin square towers stood until 1995 when it closed and was sold to the neighbouring separate school board, torn down and used for temporary classrooms.

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