Hastings Historical Plaques




Plaques on the Net: A New Form of Publishing

This site was launched on March 12, 2019. It is nowhere near complete, and may never be, as long as people continue to post or erect historical plaques in Hastings County. As an author and publisher, I am becoming more and more aware that websites are another form of publishing. I try to visualize myself as a tourist visiting some new location in Hastings County, drawn there by a plaque or series of plaques on this website. What else would I want to see? What else would I want to learn?

Each resource page consists of a minimum of four pieces of information: a picture of the plaque, a photo to give you some guidance to finding the plaque (sometimes they are hard to locate even if you have GPS co-ordinates), the text of the plaque, and GPS co-ordinates and street address. That's the minimum you should find. In addition, you may find historical photos related to the subject, or links to other sites with more information.

Some visitors to this site may never leave their armchairs to tour the plaques of Hastings County. Others may plan "plaque tours" during a rainy spell at the campground or cottage. (Hint to get your kids to go along: some of these plaque sites are near ice cream outlets.)

Oh, did I mention how much I am learning about Hastings County while I build this site? Lots. Even where to buy ice cream cones. That's part of my summer research.


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